Board Members


Board info

The Board of Directors would like to thank all of the residents of The Cotswolds 

for keeping our neighborhood one of the best in the area. The purpose 

of the Board of Directors and the HOA is to maintain and improve the 

integrity and value of the neighborhood by enforcing the rules, 

providing maintenance and improvements when possible.  



We welcome any questions, ideas and concerns.  

Please use the Contact page to email us.

2020 HOA Board Members

President, Bill Combs - 2023

Vice President, Jennifer Delmore - 2021

Secretary, Yvonne Williams - 2023

Treasurer, Steve Reiff- 2021

ARC board liason - Brian Hall  - 2020

Lindsey Smith - 2020

 Brett Whiteside - 2021


2020 ARC Board Members

Billy Watt 2021

Jan Newton 2023

Juming Zhong 2023

Sarah Webster Smith 2023

      Scott Robinson 2023