Pool Annoucements



Cotswolds Homeowners Association, Inc.



Pool update




Pools opening Friday, May 8th 

Please see the new guidelines and rules during the statewide

“Safer at Home” COVID-19 Health Order by the Governor of Alabama. 

Please be mindful and respectful of these temporary rules in order for us to continue to keep the pools open during this time. If these rules are not followed we will have to close the pools until further notice

· No more than 10 persons with 6 feet of distance between persons

· During busy times, limit your “pool time” to 1.5 hours per family so that other residents can also enjoy the pool area

· Wipe down any and all chairs, tables, etc. after use

Cotswolds HOA board



©2020 Cotswolds     HOA | P.O. Box 3494, Auburn, AL 36831-3494 

If you do not have a pool key, call Cindy Heath at 334-663-3358 to get your pool key.


Some of the items below are suggestions to help keep the pool presentable and make it last 

for a long time.  Others are MANDATORY,  anyone breaking the rules are subject to having their privileges of the pool taken away by the HOA board. Thank you in advance for being 

responsible and considerate neighbors, teach your children the same!

A diaper changer has been installed in the women’s bathroom.  

ABSOLUTELY no diapers should be changed pool side! 

Please use swim diapers in the pool for little ones. This helps contain 

any waste that may get in the pool.  Thanks for a safer swim.

Children 12 and under MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by someone older than 18.  

A 14 year CANNOT be responsible for someone younger!  

Think of the burden on this child if something were to happen.

The pool hours are for the respect of the homes surrounding the pool.  These people have to 

work and don’t need added noises at bedtime!  The pool closes at 9:00 Sunday-Thursday.  

It remains open until 10:00 on Friday and Saturday night.

This is your property, take responsibility, treat it that way. 


Limit your guests to 4.

Return chairs and loungers to their proper place.

Lower the backs on the loungers so the wind doesn’t damage them

or blow them in the pool.

Please don’t use bobby pins in the pool.  If they come out and go to the bottom of the pool, 

they make a rust stain that will NOT come out.

Please stress the importance of NOT using the bathroom (either one) in the pool.  When feces are found in the pool it must be closed for a period of time in order to get the waste 

to cycle through and clean the pool.  This affects everyone.  Please be diligent in taking 

your children to the bathroom when they need to go or even making a periodic trip 

whether they think they need to go or not.  

Please see below the importance of NOT urinating in the pool too.
CDC: Urine is burning your eyes in the pool, not chlorine
(CNN)–The red and burning eyes people sometimes get after a day at the pool isn't 

entirely due to chlorine, according to the Centers for Disease and Control. 

It's actually due to the chemical mixing with urine.



- Pool use is restricted to ONLY Cotswold's Home Owners Association members 

in good standing and invited guests 

(Limit 4 guest per household)

- Children 12 years of age and younger may NOT use the pool unless supervised 

by an adult (18 years of age or older)

- NO Diving

- NO running, pushing, foul language, general roughhousing or unbecoming 

behavior will be tolerated. 

Please keep conduct in a manner promoting a family environment.

- NO food or drink within 4 feet of or in the pool - 

NO glass containers of any kind permitted

- ALL alcoholic beverages MUST be placed in a plastic cup

- No open flame or grilling allowed inside the gated area or on the deck

- NO leaning or climbing on the fence

- NO smoking or other tobacco products on premises

- NO loud music - Personal music devices only

- NO animals, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles or scooters allowed 

inside the fence or on the deck

- Appropriate swimming attire ONLY - NO cutoffs

- ALL babies or children not potty trained MUST wear swim diapers

- Please clean up after yourself - Place all trash in the receptacles provided

- Parking is reserved for Cotswold's resident pool use ONLY

- Failure to observe ANY pool rules may result in suspension or loss of pool privileges




1) The pool is for Cotswolds residents and their guests only. An age appropriate 

Cotswolds resident (Defined Above) MUST accompany any quest(s). Security Fobs 

are not to be shared with anyone -

2) Security Fobs are assigned to a Cotswolds address and the owner of that address. Lost fobs will result in a $25.00 replacement charge. The lost fob will be deactivated and will be unable to be used from the point of deactivation going forward.